The search begins!

This is where the fun really begins! Going to open houses, going through different homes and familiarizing yourself with different neighbourhoods until you find your dream home or perfect investment property. 

Don't feel rushed, and take your time going through the home. Remember to look past the decor - though the inspiration may be nice, try to envision your furniture in the space. Most of the time when you purchase a home it'll be completely unfurnished when you take possession!

What area should I look in?

Wherever you see yourself living! You might have some budgetary constraints - after all a mansion in the British Properties would be nice - but there are so many wonderful communities across the Lower Mainland where you can find properties in a variety of price points. Spend some time walking through the neighbourhoods you're considering to get a feel. Grab a coffee and go out to the local park and talk to some of the residents.

Where can I find houses for sale?

This is where working with a Realtor comes in handy, but for the most part, the majority of homes for sale are posted on MLS - accessible to the public through If you sign up on our Advanced Listing Search page, you can get new listing forwarded to your inbox immediately - up to 2 days before they're accessible to the public (no commitment & you can unregister anytime). Also, the local real estate guide, newspaper, and other similar publications are worth a look!

If I want to go in to see a house what do I do?

If you're already working with a Realtor, give them a call and they'll set up a showing for you - regardless of who has listed the home you want to see. If you're not already working with a Realtor you can call the listing agent directly and they can arrange a viewing for you - though it's recommended to use your own Realtor as the listing agent's principal objective is to get the most money for his/her sellers, not the best deal for you!

Do I need to work with my own realtor?

This ties in to the answer above, but you don't necessarily need your own realtor. It's recommended, but if you want, you can work directly with the listing agent. In BC there are several different types of 'service' you can expect to receive from a Realtor. Either agency representation (where the realtor is serving the client in protecting and promoting the client's interests) - Limited dual representation (where the realtor is impartial and represents both the buyer and seller's rights - both of which need to agree in writing to this) - and Customer Service (where the realtor cannot provide any advice, but rather just explain and answer any questions you may have, and assist in preparing a contact the way you want it written out).

Do I have to provide my information if I go to open houses?

Some agents may have a sign in sheet, or ask you for your contact information, but there is no obligation for you to provide this information if you don't want to. Realtors are not permitted to solicit other Realtor's clients, so if you mention at an open house you're already working with another Realtor (whether true or not) the agent hosting the open house will typically back off and give you a bit of space! 

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