My 10 Promises to Sellers

"I'll do everything in my power to secure you the most for your home, at the least possible inconvenience to you."  - Dean 

You and only you

When a home is sold, there are typically 2 agents involved. The listing agent - representing the sellers, and the buyer agent - representing the buyers. There are instances where the listing agent brings their own buyer and negotiates on behalf of both parties. 

I guarantee that I will never offer agency representation to both yourself and a buyer in the same transaction - if an individual wants to purchase your home and doesn't have an agent, I will only offer them customer service - preparing the contract as they'd like. When working for you to sell your home my objective is to represent your interests and your interests only, to get you the most possible. 

No lockboxes in my world

I'm not a set-it and forget-it kind of guy. I believe that selling a home requires diligence, and I'll be present for all showings so I can personally point out and showcase the intricacies of your home and what really makes it unique. Is the flooring you used when renovating the kitchen a non-slip cork? Or perhaps 2X6 construction was used throughout your home rather than 2X4's. These features help your home stand out and will be communicated effectively to prospective buyers!

Prompt communication

Asides from communicating with you in a rapid manner, a bit part of selling your home requires prompt communication with prospective buyers and buyer's agents. Phone, text, email inquires, TouchBase, etc. l answer all requests for showings and information on your home professionally and promptly. My personal number is on all signage (not office number), so when a call come through regarding your home, I'm available to instantly answer all questions & to qualify buyers. 

No pressure, risk free agreement

Circumstances change - you've decide to keep your home as a rental, or maybe you just have cold feet - whatever the reason, if you change your mind after you list, even if it's because you want to work with another realtor, I'll cancel your listing. I'm a firm believer in no pressure, risk free agreements. Nothing makes me happier than working with my clients and I'd hope my clients enjoy working with me too - forcing you contractually to work with me just isn't how I do business.

Honest unfiltered feedback

After all showings & open houses, I follow up with prospective buyers and buyer's agents to get their feedback on your home. Learning about stumbling blocks that buyers have is not meant to be critical, rather constructive - if we keep hearing that the same soft spot on the bathroom floor is a deal breaker, then we can discuss and plan what we can do to address the issue to help facilitate a transaction. 

Working around your schedule (and your tenants)

Having prospective buyers constantly parading through your home can be a stressful time - I understand that. That's why when listing we discuss when you want showings to occur. Prefer them to happen during the weekday Monday-Friday 9-5? Want to make sure you have the house to yourself all day Sundays? We'll make it happen. It's your home and I'll do everything I can to make the process fun, not stressful - for both you and your tenants if you happen to have some!

Professional advice on contracts

When selling a home, the buyer's agent typically writes up the initial offer, and occasionally we see some 'wonky' clauses come though. Don't worry, I've got your back. Nothing a swift stroke of the pen along with a set of initials can't solve! Multiple offer situation? Buyer's hate them, but great news for sellers!  All offers we receive will be explained to you in detail and we'll discuss the advantages/disadvantages of each to ensure you make the best possible decision. 

Expert representation

Strategic negotiations can sometimes mean the difference between a deal completing, or falling apart. Whether it's getting a bit more cash in your pocket, or addressing any 'deal-breakers' the buyers may have - my objective is to get you the most possible for your home, at the least possible inconvenience to you.

Thorough explanations and advice 

I'll be there every step of the way, interpreting and advising on all relevant documentation we come across. From the filling of the property disclosure statement, to the listing contract, to the contract of purchase and sale & beyond - you'll never feel pressured or rush with me.

I'll take care of it

Selling a strata property? I won't send you on a goose chase to gather strata documents, meeting minutes, depreciation reports etc. I'll purchase all documents required directly from the property manager to share with prospective buyers. Buyers have questions about land use? Potential redevelopment? When you list with me I will become an expert on your home so I can address all questions buyers may bring up - I'm not shy to pop in at the City or the Land Titles office to get answers!

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