My 10 Promises to Buyers

"My driving goal is to help you find the perfect home, at the best possible price."  - Dean 

Full time real-estate concierge

I'll be there for you every step of the way. Want to know what know size home you can build in the future on the investment property you want to purchase? I will go to city and get set-backs, lot coverage, and all the relevant details for you. From driving around different neighbourhoods with you and determining where you'd like to buy - to actually buying a home, and well beyond that - take comfort in knowing I'm a friend you can count on. 

My undivided attention

I'm not the kind of person to stand in the corner texting away while you venture through a house on your own. I want to see what's going on too so we can discuss advantages and disadvantages of all the properties we've seen together. Any phone calls, texts etc. that I get when we're looking at homes together will be answered after we're done our tour.

Honest unbiased advice

Considering buying a grow-op? Or maybe thinking of trying to get a deal on a foreclosure? Or perhaps you're just curious about the rental prospects for your basement suite in the future. I pride myself on being straight-up and giving you the truth. Even if it means you don't purchase a certain home. If I don't know the answer to your question, I won't make one up. I'll let you know I'll look into it, and I'll find you the answer!

No high-pressure sales

Some buyers are luckier than others and we are able to find their ideal home after viewing just a handful of properties. For others we can view 20, 30 or 50+ homes before deciding to pull the trigger and write an offer, and I get that. Purchasing a home is a huge decision - emotional & financial. I always say to buyers, "You'll know if it's right when you walk into the home."

Rapid communication

Yes, my phone is always on. You'll never have to page my office to get a hold of me. In fact my office number isn't published anywhere on this site! Text, call, email, whatever your preferred method of contact is. If I don't answer, it's because I'm with a client, however the instant I'm done I'll return your call.

Exclusive access to all listings

Regardless of who the listing brokerage is, or the commission offered in remuneration, I will show you all homes currently listed for sale, as well as my 'pocket-listings' of homes where the owners are just contemplating selling. See the right home for you, but it's not listed on the market? I will do my best to reach the owner and try to arrange a showing for us.

Scheduling that works

I'll set up all viewing appointments at times that fit your schedule - Only available Thursday's from 6:15 to 7:40? We'll make it work! Your better-half using the car and need a ride? I will pick you up and drop you off back at home.

Professionally written contracts

Professionally written contracts with all 'subject to' clauses having been professional vetted by a lawyer to protect your interests, and a full explanation of the entire contract of course - I'm not a just 'sign-here' and 'initial-there' kind of guy.

Experienced negotiations

Expert representation at time of closing. Whether it's cash savings, getting the sellers to repair/replace items, possession dates that you want, or a combination of all - my objective is to get you the home you want, when you want, at the price you want. 

Thorough explanations and advice 

Interpretation and full advice pertaining to all supporting documentation, including property disclosure statement, title, strata docs, bylaws, minutes, depreciation reports, etc. Yes, I personally read over all the documents on all the deals I've put together and will bring up any areas of concern to you!

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