Work that space!

(November 25, 2015 , posted in Sellers Corner)

Written by Dean Hassan - Sutton West Coast Realty

The response you get to the age old question...'does size matter' really depends on who you ask...but to most potential home buyers the answer is definitely 'yes!'... least the size of living space! This is a real estate blog after all.

We know that it's not feasible to add square footage to a home, however it may just be matter of adjusting one's perception of the space. 

You may have an oversized couch or table that you love, but if it makes the room appear smaller to prospective buyers, it may need to go. Try to ensure that the furniture is laid out attractively in the room with plenty of space to move around. This is especially crucial if your home has smaller square footage, and you're trying to maximize appeal.

Part of what we do when photographing your home for sale includes moving around your furniture and accessories to stage your home in order to get those good shots that really highlight and amplify the your space. Pictures are so important - although most homes are sold unfurnished, many buyers have a hard time envisioning the space - and may regretfully pass up on viewing otherwise great homes just because of the way the home is showcased online.

Dean Hassan, Realtor®
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